spindle spinning

nearly all the wool of my garagedye-day is spun.some colors are nice and strong and I used them as they are and 2-plied them . Some of the wool had a pale greengray colour I did not like to much;so I wanted to change that by mixing in some natural brown wool . first I just mixed the wool on the carders .that gave me an overall darker color .second I wanted the black to show more so after carding the green i put some brown on top of the green and card a litlle more so the brown stays at one spot ; after that  i liked to try three colours who all show in the yarn: i carded the colours one by one and then put layers together in a rolag before spining and look the colours come up at random in the yarn. some photo’s to show the result:

 the result is a multicolour yarn ,2-ply and wrapped around the ruler :14 epi (14  draden op 2,5 cm)


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  1. Laverne
    Dec 13, 2009 @ 21:59:00

    How lovely to see the whole process like this. I can\’t wait to see what you weave with this beautiful yarn. I wish we could see your drop spindle. I will keep you in mind on my next trip to the highlands and get you a nice Bolivian one!Laverne


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