supplementary weft patterning

after reading the latest blogpost from Laverne ( backstrapweaving)I felt the urge to do some designing on my own.after showing the first one on weavolution group I had to rethink a bit ;indeed a weft passing over just one warptread is only a tiny spot. so I worked a little further on the first design and made sure almost all the wefts go over at least 2 warpthreads;I use a pdf from which I copy into Gimp and then i fill the diamonds with the is fun to play and draw without wasting any paper. You can see the result here:the black is one of the originals that i had to redraw.

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  1. Laverne
    Feb 02, 2010 @ 13:58:29

    These are lovely designs Jeannine. I am still a paper-and-marker pen designer. I have yet to start designing on the computer. Looks like it was very easy to transfer that first design two warps. It is going to look great.Laverne


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