supplementary weft patterning

I am still working on supplemantary weft patterning.made a warp from brown coton;
then setup for the adapted pattern from my previous post.i have started with a pink yarn (8strands very thin cotton)but that turned out in a disappointment.
I started the design on the wrong line and the pink was to thick. then i studied all the instructions a little more and the design
I did some drawing on the design to have a more realistic view of how it was going to look. (got a bit confused by the diamond shape)now i use a 4strand yarn for the inlay so you can see the groundweave better .the pink yarn is the same but i plied it on a spindle.
afterall i think i should have used a thicker yarn to make a sample; It is a tiny weaving and it makes me think i will need glasses sooner or later .but this is how it looks now.

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