Zotte Maandag te Pittem

Gisteren was het weer feesten geblazen in  Pittem . Het was een stralende zomerdag . Reeds van in de voormiddag was er veel volk op de been voor de jaarmarkt.
In de namiddag was er de traditionele stoet. Eerst de publiciteitsstoet van de lokale middenstand gevolgd door de echte ludieke zottemaandagsstoet.
De deken van de st-Elooisgilde is aankoper voor de diepvriesindustrie en wielerfanaat. Dat onderwerp kwam dus ruim aanbod. Verder verwijzingen naar de tragische olieramp in de golf van mexico  en het wereldkampioenschap voetbal. Het was weer dolle pret met waterspuiten en  confettie; Nader hand was er overal op straat muziek en animatie .
Yesterday it was partytime in our village; it was  a brite ,sunny day. From early in the morning there were many people who came to the yearly market.In the afternoon it was time for the cortege; First there was a commercial parade from the local tradespeople because they sponsor a lot of the festivities.then came the rest of the parade in honour of the dean of the farmersguild. This year it was our neighbour who was chosen as dean. Not really a farmer but a trader for the local deepfrezingindustrie ,so closely related.And he owns also a transportcompany . the allusions were legio. further inspirations were, worldsoccercup and the tragic catostrophe off the oilspill in the gulf of Mexico;People had fun as the wagons passed by and sprayed water and confetti. Afterwards there was music and animation everwhere in the streets. We are looking back at a very succesfull "Crazy Monday"
the stars of the show,Miss Belgium and the dean of the farmersguild and his lady. followed by the commercial parade and the winners of the childrensparade (they have a parade of there own .
Inscription says: Worldchampionship soccer sponsored by transportcompany …..: He was out of his mind, he payed with veggie insted of money.next one says:his lovely lady was spotted among the supporters.
Last row :his transportcompany went quickly to the golf to transport the oil sucked up from the ocean;
(I want to mention that all people here regret the pollution of the ocean and think about the people who suffer los of income because of this catostrophe.)

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