online shopping adventure

I am not a great adventurer in the world of online shopping. But after reading this article: and being a fountainpen collector  myself i could no longer resist the temptation.I have ordered 3 pens from the chelpark sellout and one serwex demonstratorpen.

Today and that is sooner then I expected i recieved my package from India.


Yah i blurred the adress a little to protect my privacy.

It seems the border-control takes it duty seriously and checked the parcel. Good in these troubled times but they didn’t wrapup the serwex after the control .





Well, no harm has been done.

I like the pens from the sell-out. Two are ment to be eyedropper-pens . The chelpark emperor  has a pistonfiller-system. I am glad about this one. It seems it can be filled with a good amount of ink.

Here in Belgium all pens are with cartridges and converters are hard to find. Well, that is in the price range that I can afford.

I really like the Serwex too.I hardly can wait to try them. But that will be another day.

look at those little beauties . 




And the Serwex demonstrater pen


This post is not ment to be a review. Just a report on my online shopping adventure and the good service of Fountainpenrevolution.


2 reacties (+voeg die van jou toe?)

  1. molossus, whose life imitates doodles
    Jun 03, 2014 @ 17:02:24

    I’m glad your Serwex wasn’t harmed! I hope you’ll share more about the performance of the pens when you had a chance to try them out!


  2. Mervi (tasselflower)
    Okt 04, 2014 @ 13:28:39

    Happy to hear they didn’t do harm to your post. It’s a bit odd that they would open it for inspection like that, but perhaps the pens seemed too suspicious. 😉

    The pens look good and I too hope you will share your experience with them. Online shopping isn’t that scary if you are careful and use trusted payment methods (PayPal etc) and remember to check your account in time to time. Trusted payment methods have ways to protect you against scams, and you can even get your money back if things get awry.


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