Any’s peacockpaisley

I found this lovely pattern on .It was  the resemblance with pais by Mikee Huber  that made me notice it.

I have asked the designer if I could make step for drawing the main pattern . She has agreed.

Any Palacios

Hi Jeannine….I would love to see my template on your web page…but please don’t forget to give me the credit…I’m glad you like it.:)
Any P.

Originally Sent by schojea
Hi Any I love your template,Any’s peacockPaisley, very much. So much that I would love to use the ground pattern (without the star shapes) as a drawing pattern . Could you allow me to do so or do you have objections? I would refer to your template here as can see what i mean here:
pattern Sowa
thank you in advance
Sincere greetings

A word about her:

Any Palacios is a gifted designer who made many wonderful templates; You can see more on her profile page.

The original pattern is to be found here.

I took just the ground pattern and made the steps to draw it as repeat pattern. I love to draw a whole bunch of peacockpaisleys.

I agree the hand drawn pattern can be a bit more irregular than the original digital drawing.

I hope you like this variation or tangelation of pais as much as I do.


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