dubble us

the first week of January we went to the Groeninge museum in Brugge. And of course I was looking carefully at the paintings of the old dutch masterpainters to see if there were elements that could inspire new tangles. There were many ! In image of  juwelery, fabrics ,windows, floortiles, carpets and so on.

today i show you the first I have worked out.

this is the painting: flowerbouquet in a blue vase from Bruegel. (painting  normally belongs to collection of kunsthistorisch museum Vienna)

Bloementuil in blauwe vaas

click the picture to see the wonderful details of the painting.

I was facinated by the pattern on the vase. I had to work on it for a while ,simplified the shape a little an came up with this thangle:

dubble us : the steps jeannine S.

the name? I needed a working tittle to save the file and saw kind of a u shape ,so in the beginning i just ment  dubble u’s. But then  without the accent

it seamed like a game: dubble us everytime again and again until the string is filled.

it is really necessary to focus while drawing : to keep track of the shape, to keep the shape all the same size; But who minds if they are a little different, after all there are no mistakes .


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